EMF Shielding.

SafeCanvas is designed to maximize both type of EMF protection - electric field and magnetic field. They have been released as three pictures of canvas frame, like followings.

· Van Gogh - White Rose
· Monet - Sunflowers
· Monet - Gaden


(outer)21.26 x 17.72 x 1.18inch, 

(Inner)19.84 x 16.3 x 1.18inch

(weight) 0.63Kg(1.39Lb)


(outer)6.69 x 6.69 x 1.18inch, 

(Inner)5.51 x 5.51 x 1.18inch

(weight) 0.16Kg (0.35Lb)

* Size and weight could be changed due to the product revision change.


Wherever there is electricity, electromagnetic waves are always emitted.
The following devices we often see also emit high level of electromagnetic waves at all times (24-7-365), so try out this SafeCanvas for nice decorations and electromagnetic shielding.

How much EMF emit? (for reference) 

· Switch : magnetic 3.14mG, Electric 698V/m
· Outlet : magnetic 2.6mG, Electric 1013V/m
· Fusebox : magnetic 자기 40.9mG, Electric 277V/m

Reference Guideline for EMF 

· AC magnetic fields: 2.5 mG ELF
· AC electric fields: 50 V/m
· RF: 0.1 microWatts/cm² (614 mV/m)
· For details, see (link)

How much effective is SafeCanvas for EMF? (from above video)  

For fuse/meter box:Electric(96.8%),Magnetic(67%)
 For wall outlet:Electric(74.4%), Magnetic(88%) 

Perfect Layer Structure.

The SafeCanvas is made of a four layer structure.

· Famous Picture
· Printed Canvas Fabric
· Electric Shielding Layer
· Magnetic Shielding Layer
· Earthing Button

* Patent (PCT) Pending...


· SafeCanvas (core unit)

· Earthing Cable (6m, additional)

· Adapter (if necessary, additional)

· Sticky Hanger (for small size, additional)

* Considering ordered country, one out of the following adapters could be shipped in addition. (If you need other type of adapters, please contact us by email)

How to useEarthing connection

Stand-alone SafeCanvas without earthing connection is enough for EMF protection.

· Without earthing connection: More than enough for EMF protection
· With earthing connection : Maximize electric EMF protection

Price for
volume and customized order

Customized SafeCanvas could be purchased by email.
Please let us know your picture, size(inner), and quantity

SafeCanvas’ way to go.

SafeCanvas’ evolution will be continued with your help
SafeCanvas’ evolution = Revision update

SafeCanvas Rev.2 will be released
around May ~ June / 2019.
It will surely has “Attractive price”, “Various designs”, “Healthier material”, and “More simple”